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Tear Down & Rebuild

Tear Down and Rebuild

Our newest emerging business at All State Homes Inc. is the concept of tearing down aging homes and replacing them with brand new site-built concrete homes.

Why does this make sense?

With the appreciation of Tampa Bay area real estate, many people have significant equity in their property. This is particularly true of properties located within older and long-established areas such as South Tampa and Seminole Heights. If you live in a great neighborhood and don’t want to move, but need more space or would like to upgrade, you can use the equity in your land to build a new home with little or no down payment. Financing a tear down and rebuild project is easier than you think. It’s a fact that banks are more willing to lend money for a brand new home than they are for the renovation of an old home.

With some of the most stringent hurricane codes in the country, many people in the Tampa Bay area choose to tear down and rebuild for safety reasons. This is especially true of people living in mobile homes, who may feel safer living in a new concrete block home built to current wind code specifications.

Demolition costs are probably lower than you think. Costs for teardowns are based on the size of the existing home, together with outbuildings, patios, driveways, etc. and can generally be accomplished within a few hours rather than days.

Tearing down and rebuilding makes sense for a number of reasons:

  • Location
  • Enjoyment of established neighborhood
  • Preferred school districts
  • Appreciated value of building lot

For more information on how we can assist you with your home building needs, please contact All State Homes.

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Our teardown program gives you the option of building a brand new home in an established community or in a neighborhood you already love. Contact us today to find out if our teardown and rebuild program is a viable option for you.