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Why Choose All State Homes?

If you see a price that seems too good to be true, ask yourself what's missing!
Recently conducted research reveals some interesting things about other on your lot home builders. We discovered that many builders omit certain details, effectively misleading buyers as to the true costs associated with building their new home. Take a look at the following illustrations to see how omitted expenses can potentially change the bottom line of your home building price.

How many of courses of block are included in your price?
All State Homes: 3 Courses of Concrete Foundation Block Other Builders: 1 Course of Concrete Foundation Block

What is your standard interior electrical service?
All State Homes: 200 amp electric service Other Builders: 150 amp electric service

Are building permits included in your base price?
All State Homes: Yes Other Builders: No

Are architectural engineering and design services included in your base price?
All State Homes: Yes Other Builders: No

Is temporary electric service and power pole (used for construction purposes) included in your base price?
All State Homes: Yes Other Builders: No

What about options and changes to floor plans?
We offer a wide range of options and upgrades for your new home. We can accommodate requests for floor plan changes for layout, windows, and additional living space. Many builders do not allow any changes to their floor plans and feature limited options and upgrades.

What do these additional costs mean to you?
All State Homes: Nothing – It’s included in the price. Other Builders: Additional costs could run into the thousands of dollars!

"I wanted to thank all of you for your amazing efforts in building this wonderful house so quickly."


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