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Every time you open your window, a vast aquamarine panorama sends you cheerful greetings, you start your day with the music of crashing waves, and colonies of seagulls taking their flights over those swaying palm trees remind you of those faraway lands that you have never seen in your life! Picture perfect! Welcome to the beach! Crave the life on the beach? Invest in a coastal home. But before you take the final call, you should know that a coastal home is the subject of great debate, partly due to the expenses involved in managing and maintaining the property, but the correct design elements make it worth your while. Always keep in mind that the coastal environs are magnificent and eye-catching, yet corrosive, windswept, and unforgiving. So, you must design the home to withstand the salty climate so that it can stand on to create memories for future generations. Find a few design below:

1. Durable Materials

The materials used to build your home, especially on the outside, will determine how resistant your coastal dwelling is to exposure. It should not only complement the overall aesthetics but also resist corrosion from the salty coastal air. Concrete, for example, is a good choice because it is dense and lasts a long time, even in coastal climates. Moreover, it serves as a buffer of sorts and prevents the interiors from overheating during the summer season.

Alternatively, timber can be used because of its versatile nature. You can paint it, or allow it to weather naturally. Plus, it possesses that certain tropical vibe, which allows it to blend seamlessly into the coastal backdrop.

2. A Grand View of the Sea

Not everyone’s lucky enough to own a lot with an ocean view. So, you need to capitalize on this opportunity. Glazed, oversized doors promise a spectacular view, making you feel at one with the ocean. Unobstructed airflow throughout the living/dining/kitchen space means you will be able to smell the sea. Add oversized eaves for protection against the summer heat and coastal rainfall. Ensure the western and eastern walls have some windows bookending the living space, and in the process, minimizing the heat generated by the early morning and afternoon sun.

3. Outdoor Shower

A coastal home does not feel complete until you’ve installed an outdoor shower. This nifty feature allows you to wash off the salt and sand before venturing into the home. Since expensive stainless steel fixtures are susceptible to corrosion, it’s better to use cheaper fittings and replace them every few years.

For many people, a coastal home is the stuff of dreams. Yes, maintenance is difficult, but through careful planning and design, you can transform this property into a worthy investment. If you wish to know more about building your own home, click here.

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