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Building a property is difficult, and making the transition from the old to the new is even more problematic. Even if upsizing isn’t the most obvious outcome always, downsizing ought to be. Even though people know they cannot avoid this shift once in a lifetime, they often do not take any preparations. Finding a new home requires a lot of strategies and planning to capitalize on the entire process. And the most important question to ask is, whether you should sell your home first and then build a new one, or build your house and then sell the existing unit.

There have been sufficient debates and discussions regarding this entire process, but coming down to one solution will be difficult. It depends a lot on the homeowners and their personal preferences along with a sense of convenience as well. However, you should know the pros and cons of both the processes and then take the decision.

Will Selling Your Home First Add Value to the Construction of Your New House?

Following the logical process of sales and purchase, every homeowner must sell their home before building the new one as it gives a rough estimate of how much to spend on the new home. Going by the homeowner’s trends, it is noted that they often overestimate the value of the current house and invest in massive amounts in building the new home. Once you sell your house first, you get the exact amount that you can spend and that way you can avoid exceeding your budget.

However, while you sell your home first, you might have to take a house for rent until the construction of the new one is completed. This is often treated as two moves, including two separate utility costs and packing-unpacking efforts.

Can Selling the Home After Construction of the New One Prove Beneficial?

Whether you can build your new house before selling the existing one depends a lot on your financial capability. When you have elderly members in the family, you would not prefer moving them too much, and when you build your new home before selling the existing one, you can avoid the renting hassle in the interim period. Also, before selling the current home, you can contemplate your new dream home as well. However, this process, too, has some disadvantageous aspects which the homeowners must keep in mind. Once the new one is built, there is excessive pressure to sell off the existing house. And knowing the volatile nature of the real estate industry, no one can give the assurance of selling a property within a fixed time-period.

Irrespective of your family size and your financial conditions, it is essential to take sufficient time and accurately evaluate the pros and cons of both the options and investigate which one will make your second home more profitable. Beware of the pitfalls; contact our expert builders and contractors to avoid any drama in the home building and selling process.

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