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It is beyond any doubt that it is the location that governs the real estate game. Who does not want to be close to all amenities – the city’s best schools, entertainment hubs,top healthcare facilities,etc.? It is easy to understand why the downtown properties always come with the most exorbitant price tag. Therefore, owning a home in the coveted part of the city is always desirable. However, location is not the only aspect of a good home; it should also have all the features to meet your lifestyle needs. Well, if you find that your home is lacking in the modern features you have two options – either renovate and revamp the house or tear it down and rebuild. If it’s too old, it might be far too dilapidated and beyond repair. And in that case, replacing the existing structure with a new home with modern amenities will be your best bet. An experienced on-your-lot builder like AllState Homes can help you demolish your outdated home with obsolete water and electrical systems and rebuild a home that is significantly stronger.


The term “teardown and rebuild” became popular during the housing boom of 2006 in reference to the dated mansions that were dilapidated beyond repair and impractical for modern lifestyle needs. A freshly-built home, in contrast,offers the following benefits:

These homes are compliant with the latest building codes, and as a result, are high on energy efficiency and low on maintenance.

They boast of cutting-edge engineering, are built on significantly stronger foundations, and incorporate the latest structural components.

By opting for a teardown and rebuild, you can save substantially on impact fees.

The above features enable you to obtain housing insurance with ease.

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Tearing Down and Rebuilding?

How do you know that a home is a good candidate for receiving a teardown and rebuild upgrade? If it has got one or more of the following features, you can say that the unit is ready for a complete revamp:

  • Structurally so unsound that it calls for a full-fledged renovation to make it livable.
  • Not in sync with other buildings in the current neighborhood, either in terms of style or size.
  • Substantially undervalued than average homes in the neighborhood.
  • Outdated plumbing and electrical system.
  • You are bored of living in it.

Do you cherish your downtown lifestyle? Then, don’t give up on it simply because your home has become old. Get it rebuilt, instead. All State Homes can help you build a sturdy home from ground up that can be relished by you, your neighbors as well as your future generations. Contact us right away for a consultation on all your demolition and rebuilding needs.

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