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Every year, Florida experiences its fair share of tropical storms. No wonder, the state tops the US storm codes with a score of 95 out of 100, followed only by Virginia (94), South Carolina (92), and New Jersey (90). If you are on your way to build your dream home in the Sunshine State, first, take steps to ensure that your dwelling is capable of withstanding strong winds and damage. In this sub-tropical region, storm-proofing your home is critical for ensuring your family’s safety. Here are three points that you should consider in this respect:

Strict Adherence To The Latest Edition of the Florida Building Code (2017)

In a region with strong hurricane activity, home owners must fulfill certain requirements, which are designed to minimize future flood damage. When it comes to building your home in coastal Florida, you must adhere to rules that are documented in the Florida Building Code (FBC). Hire a local builder and architect to construct your home. Apart from their familiarity with the local real estate market, they also have strong knowledge about the region’s landscape and climatic patterns. As a result, they are the best persons to help you build a sturdy and storm-ready home in Florida.

Location of the Lot

Everybody craves a beachside home. But as far as Florida is concerned, a plot a few miles away from the coastal area is always preferable. Your choice can make a big difference when a storm hits your city and sea level rises. The farther your home is from the sea, the lesser impacts it will suffer during a hurricane. Also, you are slightly in a more advantageous spot, if your lot is located in an elevated area. However, if you already have a lot, which is located very near to the coast, hire an experienced construction company like All State Homes. Check with their Baywatch series homes, which are constructed with Florida’s vulnerabilities in mind.

Flood Insurance Requirement

According to some Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stats, 90 percent of damage related to natural disaster results from floods. In fact, flood damageis one of the costliest. If your lot is situated in an area belonging to a one-in-100-year floodplain, buying a flood insurance is mandatory for you. Since 20 percent of all flood related damages also occur outside this zone, it will be prudent for you to invest in such a policy, regardless of your lot’s location. However, not all insurance companies in Florida provide flood coverage. Ask your builder to assist you in locating a reputable insurer near you. Also, remember that the coverage period starts after the 30-day waiting period. Therefore, buy your policy as soon as the construction is over; it should be activated before the monsoon sets in.

There is nothing like owning a house in Florida. Hurricanes do cause problems sometimes. Nevertheless, when you hire a reputable local builder, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. So if you own a lot anywhere in Florida, go ahead with confidence, remember these flood proofing tips mentioned above and watch your dream home taking shape from scratch. Get in touch with us here for the insights on stormproofing your Florida home.

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