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At last, it is time to build your dream home. You may have a long wish-list of what you want in your sanctuary, but have you ever thought about the consequences of wrong planning? Even minor mistakes in your building blueprint may cause you great inconvenience in later years. Unless you are going to build a mansion, every inch of the lot matters. Poor floorplanning and wrong placement of individual rooms can make it utterly uncomfortable for you and your family in the future. Here are three critical placement considerations to take note of:

Placement of the Bedroom

The bedroom should be located in a secluded part of your home. As such, it should be isolated from the central living area in your house. Ideally, it should not even share a wall with the area where a lot of noise occurs throughout the day. Especially make sure that the bedroom is not built over the garage. For that matter, the two should be located in the two opposite corners of the house.

Placement of the Garage

The garage is like a train station where people keep coming and going constantly. This space tends to get dirty very easily. Make sure that there is a mud room attached to it. That way, you can stop all the dirt from entering the primary living area of your house.


The kitchen should be as far away from the main entrance as possible. It should be ideally located near the back entrance, the dining and living area. By placing your kitchen in an appropriate location, you can divert a lot of foot traffic from the main living space.

You are the best one to decide on the things that your family might need. So, while approving the floorplan of your on-your-lot home, inform your builder about the things you need and also those you do not need. We at All State Homes work in close coordination with all our clients to ensure that we build a home that they want. If you need any assistance in this regard, contact us here.

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