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According to, one of the leading real estate portals, Orlando City in Florida is the topmost ‘Millennial Magnet’ in the country. Most of the Sunshine State boasts a particular vibrancy that young professionals find irresistible. No wonder homebuyers under the age of 35 are entering the local market in a big way. This group is fussy when it comes to building floor plans and designs. They are partial to some architectural attributes that make their homes simply unique. It does not matter whether or not you belong to the millennial generation – you would just love to have some of these features in your dream home. Here is how to go about it:

1.Add a Dash of Nature to Your Home

Millennials are big on sustainability, which explains the predominant use of natural materials in modern homes. They often combine reclaimed wood with contemporary building resources like steel. The result is an interesting play between new and old. The young generation prefers contemporary lines, but they still enjoy the warmth of introducing older elements into their houses, especially the cooking space where individuals have an emotional connection with their childhood kitchen. Barn doors are also increasingly popular in new homes as are natural wood siding that draws attention to one wall or the laundry room and mudroom.

2.Leave Lots of Open Spaces

Millennials have a huge social circle compared to past generations. So, they need more space both indoors and outdoors to entertain friends and loved ones.Open floor plans are a great way to achieve that with clean-looking kitchens and less visible fixtures and appliances. The beauty of having an open floor plan is an overall connection with the living area and the rest of the house but also closing it off when privacy is needed. Whether it’s a formal dinner party or a backyard barbecue, the large combined great room, dining area, and kitchen is the ultimate entertainment setup. This design also helps in achieving a seamless indoors-outdoors connection by making the interior look and feel more expansive.

3.Liven Up the Interiors with Unique Elements

The right combination of finishes and materials allows you to showcase your personal aesthetic. Large tiles are ideal for imparting a monolithic look to walls and floors with less grout. Millennials prefer everything low maintenance due to their busy schedules, and indestructible wood-look tile floors fit the bill perfectly. Therefore, they prefer materials that are stylish, yet feel light on your wallet for both long-term maintenance and upfront costs.

Millennials are a highly promising segment in the real estate industry, especially in states like Florida. So, local builders try their best to accommodate their lifestyle requirements and make them feel more welcome. Whether you are under the age of 35 or not, it’s a great idea to bring the millennium spirit into your new home. However, while doing so, you should only work with experienced, qualified contractors to bring your dream home to life. Click here to get in touch with one.

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