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Allstate Homes

Whether it is your growing family or changing lifestyle needs, you may find your current residence considerably inadequate. What can you do in such a situation? There are two options – upgrade your new home find a new one. A growing number of people in your situation find the latter option more attractive. Here are the three reasons why:


When you renovate an older home, you need to work on an existing structure. Repairing of old buildings involves a lot of patchworks that may range from spotting the problem areas to addressing them properly. The entire undertaking sometimes exceeds the cost of building a new home from scratch. So, why spend money on a decaying unit when you can get a fresh alternative in the same or even lesser price?

New Home in A New Location

You may find many new master-planned communities in your city. These properties are developed with modern urban lifestyle in mind. As a result, you can easily access offices, schools, shopping and healthcare sectors and other amenities from these places. Plots are usually quite big and thus suitable for growing families. Strategically located in high-growth regions, these properties can also give you good returns on investment.

Surprise Cost Flare-Ups

Reputed on-your-lot builders like All State Homes will offer you an approximate estimation of building costs at the very beginning. These construction experts are seldom incorrect with their prediction, and, therefore, you are least likely to face a budget blow up in the middle of the building process. As far as the renovation is concerned, it is never possible for any builder to quote a price accurately in advance. Restoration projects often rip open nasty surprises that show up only when you are midway into the project. Plumbing issues, damaged electrical wiring, leakage in the concrete work – issues may be of various types, subsequently burning a hole in your pocket.

Want to build a new home on your existing lot or want to find a new lot so that you can start the construction process? Our experts at All States Home can help you in both the situations. Contact us today!

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