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Long to own a place that you can flaunt, and do up in a way so that it becomes an extension of your personality? Welcome to All State Homes. Let us talk about building on your lot. For many of you, the allure of developing your dream home is persuasive. Your vision of building from scratch includes the land your abode will rest on together with the design and floor plan. We, at All State Homes, can assure you that owning the right plot and then constructing your home that makes the best use of the scenery, landscape, and geography are a gratifying experience indeed. Consider these five factors to do it right:

1. Visit the Site with Professionals

Before you build, visit the site and take a walk around the land. Look at the views from the many points that offer a good view of the property. This way you get a broad picture of the neighborhood of which you will be a part soon. Let a professional civil engineer and architect accompany you. They will offer you an unbiased opinion about the merits and demerits of the land. No problems about site drainage and soil erosion would escape these experts’ eyes.

2. Consider Traditional Layouts

When you are building a home of your dreams, you would like to include the features you want, understandably so. However, avoid incorporating unusual, impractical layouts that are hard to implement and expensive to alter. The same is true of the roof system, driveway materials, and floor plans. With more than 60 years of experience in home building, we recommend you to stick to traditional and time-tested layouts. You can still add personal touches by using the wall paint color of your choice and implementing interior décor that complements your sensibilities

3. Opt for an Energy-Efficient Home

Always build a property that consumes minimum energy to heat and cool. Now, what does this mean? It implies that you should opt for energy-efficient doors, windows, and appliances, instead of regular units. Also, you will have to ensure proper insulation. We recommend that you choose energy-star rating materials, light roof colors, and e-window coatings.

4. Consider Outdoor Space

In your zeal for building your dream home, which has to be affordable and energy efficient at once, it is easy to forget about the outdoor living area such as the front lawn. Talk to your builder if he can include some entertainment space outside where you can play with your furry friend, have a barbeque lunch, or enjoy a pool party during the weekends.

Hire a professional builder with infallible foolproof on-your-lot plan if you want to live in comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. All State homes will help you with the floor plans, permits, construction, and coordination. Contact us today.

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