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Are you thinking of building a new home on your lot but are unsure if you are ready for it? A good way to find that out is to look for the tell-tale signs that are almost always correct. However, sometimes, it does become a little difficult to tell what these indications are. We at All State Homes know what they are and are happy to share them with you.

1. You Hate Unpleasant Surprises

Everyone does.

Even if you like a few things about a pre-owned property, you hate the idea of using a bathroom 15 years old or a room that gives out a musty odor. You get worried at the idea of encountering damaged plumbing or damp walls that may give your bathroom an unsightly appearance.

Building a new home from scratch means no unpleasant surprises and no unnecessary maintenance costs.

2. You Have Realistic Expectations

You know your budgetary limitations well and dream of a home that will sit perfectly within it. This means that you do not expect to build a sprawling home with a huge front lawn if you have a suburban budget. If you are confused about the floor plan or need help in finding a lot that meets all your specifications, we at All State Homes will be more than happy to assist you. We will help you set realistic goals regarding floor plan, your home’s design,the number of rooms, and the neighborhood that fits your budget.

3. You Know Your Arithmetic

You already have a rough idea of how much you want to spend in a new home. You have done the number crunching and figured out that building a home from the ground up may cost you the same amount as investing in a pre-owned home which means you have a more focused approach towards home-building. Probably you have been saving for years for a new home and also have a plan to secure a mortgage. Did you know we at All State Homes can help you in arranging financing for your on-your-lot home?

4. You Already Have a Homebuilder in Mind

Are you already thinking about a builder like All State Homes?. You have already done your homework, researched online and asked friends and colleagues. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of them recommended us because with more than six decades of experience on our back it is quite possible that we have built a few of your friends’ houses.

5. You Want to Move to a New Neighborhood

You saw that beautiful neighborhood that’s safe, has good schools and daycares, and elegant looking homes and instantly wished to have a home there. You have wondered how much it would take to build a house there or if there is any available lot. We might be able to find a lot in that very area and then build your home just the way you want.

How many of these signs did you tick off? If you are planning to build on your lot, All State Homes experts will help you design your dream home. Contact us for a quote.

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