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Do a quick Internet search of all the available builders in your vicinity, and you’re sure to come across hundreds, if not thousands of services claiming to be the ‘best’ in the industry. But before you take a call on the right builder, it’s necessary to determine what sort of lot you have. Is it an infill lot or a master-planned community? Or is it a private land? Remember, not every builder has the skill, experience, or permissions required to work all three types of property. So, before signing a contract, you need to figure out which contractor fits your specific requirements. Learn more below:

1. Infill Lot Builders

Most regional or national builders develop residences in communities with at least a dozen to hundreds of houses. Smaller builders, however, opt for unused lots in developed neighborhoods where they build either a single home or a handful of homes. These contractors – also called infill builders – specialize in building on never-developed land or teardown and rebuilding old properties. In some cases, infill lots cover nearly twenty acres of land and accommodate dozens of homes.

2. Master-Planned Community Builders

Master-planned communities vary considerably in size, product type, and land configurations. Some communities feature homes built by one builder while others include properties developed by multiple builders across various neighborhoods in the community, usually grouped according to price. As far as size is concerned, some master-planned communities feature single-family houses, while others consist of one-level attached villas, townhomes, condominiums, and differing sizes of single-homes in the same community. The land configurations also vary wildly, with a few offering one-half to one-acre lots and the others designed with “zero-lot” lines to accommodate the maximum number of homes.

A big reason why master-planned community builders are popular with homeowners is that their land plan designs normally include amenities like walking trails, green space, or recreational options, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, or clubhouse.

3. Private Land Builders

Private land contractors are ideal for homeowners who already own a piece of land or intend to purchase one. They can be further divided into custom builders or “build on your own lot” contractors.

  • Custom Builders: Custom homes offer plenty of freedom to homebuyers who are searching for land or already own a lot. But before investing in rustic lots, determine whether the site is buildable. After all, you don’t want to end up paying a bomb for extending natural gas, electricity, and water to remote locations.
  • BOYL Builders: For people with buildable land ready, build-on-your-own lot contractors are the ideal choice. Not only are they less complicated than custom homes, but many buyers desire custom homes that fit their requirements and budgets. BOYL builders work almost similarly to custom homebuilders, the only difference being the pre-built plans that save time. Instead of being designed for individuals, they are designed for the local market based on research regarding what buyers want.

Despite the large number of builders out there, you can’t just hire a random contractor to build the house of your dreams. You need someone who understands your lifestyle needs and choices, and build-your-own lot builders fit this criterion to a T. So, if you need to get in touch with a reliable, experienced BOYL contractor, click here.

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