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It remains the dream of many people to retire to Florida. Sometimes retirement age also brings with it diminished physical abilities for you or friends and family members. But there are steps you can take when building a house to make sure limited physical abilities won’t stop you or anyone visiting you from enjoying your Tampa Bay home.

Here are a few simple, cost-effective design decisions that – if made early on – can help you enjoy your home well into retirement and increase re-sale opportunities:

  • The first design decision is to keep the plan, or at least the essentials, limited to a single floor, and to keep the number of steps to a minimum.
  • Second: Open, airy floor plans are more common among Florida interiors and 36” wide doorways and low thresholds make it much easier to maneuver wheelchairs and scooters.
  • A third feature worthy of consideration is to have at least one ADA compliant bathroom with grab-bars, adequate access dimensions, and a roll-in curbless shower.
  • And last, lever action door hardware is more practical for those with limited abilities and much more common than it used to be, all you need to do is ask!

These features are virtually invisible to the casual observer, but to someone who has the need, or a potential buyer, it could make a major difference! Contact the seasoned professionals at All State Homes today!

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