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Ever since the teardown trend took off in the late ‘90s, many neighborhoods and blocks have been bulldozed to make room for newer, bigger houses. And it makes sense considering how simple and cost-efficient the process is compared to fixing up a home or moving the building to another lot. For populous cities with older housing stock and limited open land, teardown is a win-win. But the question is, is teardown a viable option for you? Well, that kind of assessment requires you to take a closer look at some of the aspects of this course.


If your old home is located in a posh neighborhood, we understand why you’d be reluctant to relocate. But structural issues and poor energy efficiency might force you to consider alternative measures. Unfortunately, buying a brand new home in the same neighborhood is not a feasible option for everyone due to the high cost associated with the process. In such a situation, teardown makes sense.

Local Guidelines

Municipalities have tightened regulations regarding the style and size of new houses. In fact, given how some building rules change every year, it often becomes difficult to stay updated on the changing guidelines. In Miami, for example, a special tree relocation/removal permit is necessary to relocate or remove any tree within the community not specifically exempt under the local Environmental Code. If you are not comfortable following all these rules, then you should opt for a teardown.


If you are in no hurry to move into a new home, then it’s probably a good idea to choose the teardown option. Remember, it can take months, sometimes even years, to acquire the approvals necessary for tearing down an existing building and replacing it with a new abode. So, it might be awhile before a new home is erected on your lot.

Teardown holds numerous benefits for people who have a sentimental attachment to their lot or neighborhood. Moreover, rebuilding provides numerous opportunities to design your new residence as per your requirements. But you need a good builder to make your dream home a reality. To get in touch with one such contractor, click here.

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